A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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Awesome!!!!!!!! U Rock the house 2phast!!!! NICE ARTWORK!!! Sigh... wish could draw like you.

2 | LarryIsAwesome says:


3 | Shadowlancer says:


4 | Eric says:


introducing a new character maybe? lol

I didnt realize kilts were considered appropriate battle attire in the UNSC

5 | RayZR says:

2phast... is that supposed to be you? I know you like kilts and all, but this shiet's bananas.

6 | Mad Man says:

lol Scotts

Nice strip, wonder what'll happen next.

7 | 2phast says:

To answer RayZR's question, no that's not me. I lack the pudgy belly and the Scottish accent. And the kilt :(

8 | mrsmiley says:

this makes me very happy. :)

9 | Sithdude says:

YEAH a scottish guy! every great army story needs an irish or scotish guy to come save the day!

10 | Kalamor says:


11 | polar says:

A number of new characters were hinted at a while ago, remember? This is probably one of them.
Also..did this happen in a game you played? It seems like the kind of thing you'd see.

12 | Elim says:

Is that... A KILT?

This comic is epic, manly, pure win, etc.

13 | Kap2310 says:

" 2phast says:
To answer RayZR's question, no that's not me. I lack the pudgy belly and the Scottish accent. And the kilt :("
So the kilted fella is supposed to be Ministeve?

14 | Chad says:

didn't see that coming and can that guy put on some pants

15 | NthroSptn says:

Kap: I lol'd

I've been waiting for this character for a long time! Excellent way to introduce him!

16 | Spartan IJS says:

All right--a new character!

Sithdude's right: you gotta have a Scottish guy. Kilts are sweet!

I'm really enjoying the strip 2phast. The artwork is good too--better than anything I could ever do. LOL!

17 | Chanchu Mohan says:

it was a long wait, but it was good!! Great 2 phast

18 | Kalamora says:

Hey there should be 2 new characters now since there is the scot and they guy driving also what happened to the spartan laser?and those duel whieldable HUGE guns

19 | Chamboozer says:

Its spelled Cavalry, lol.

I didn't see that guy coming, for sure.

20 | A(lex) Ha says:

He kilt him. I do this a lot.

21 | Axel says:

damn, feels good to see a new toon now :D
nice character xD I wonder what's he up to next...
ggod job 2phast

22 | Rimfrost says:

Epic! and in the backround, BAGPIPES.

23 | Chad says:

The guy shouldn't where that on a wart hog unless he likes the....i'm not finishing the sentance

24 | correctio says:

omg a scottish guy loooool
btw 2phast I think you spelled the title wrong.
isn't it "the cavalry" and not "the calvary" ?

25 | Eric says:

yeah your right
spell check would not have picked that up though cause calvary is the location of the Curcification of Christ

26 | William says:

That... was excellent timing.
Then again, he's a Scot. It's in his blood.

27 | zippo says:

best strip ever!!

28 | mikes says:

lolz to the above comment, and another great LtM comic.

29 | ian says:

like the comic but its going on a month and a half sense the last one was done. umm wasnt it supposed to be weekly?

30 | Kalamor says:

Its not weekly and the longer it takes means the better it will be when it comes out

31 | Canidrianic says:

I have to say, it seems as if you, 2phast, are too busy to continue this. Any way you could give us a heads up if you think there will be a large gap of time between updates?

32 | Kalamor says:

I must say that we the fans must react to this matter. Each passing day more people lose interest in looking for a new comic to pop up. You are losing viewers 2phast. I do recommend as Canidranic said provide us with information about the comic. Preferably before and during the making of the comic. But as I said before, we the viewers of these very funny and greatly appealing comics about my favorite games and favorite branch of the Military. We must come together and maybe start our own fan comic strips of this to pass the time between the offical comics

Kalamor(The God Sniper of Halo 2)

ps about the God Sniper thing it was on xbox live when the game first came out not many people remember me but I was feared.

33 | ghost says:

The beginning of the Truth and Reconciliation Suite in the background. You know you want it.

34 | badmanbadii7 says:

omg kalamor u were god no scopes across zanzibar but also what day of the week is the comic soposed to update on

35 | sithdude says:

he said every mondays, but he hasnt updated in a month and a half.

36 | Pmintz says:

lol nice skirt

to bad he didnt say troika!

37 | thespartan72 says:

is that that bryan guy from the halo book contact harvest? hes a scott

38 | Kalamor says:

Yup at least a few people remember me lol only my friends do mostly but I was God! lol

39 | badmanbadii7 says:

man can i add u whats your 360 gt mines badmanbadii7

40 | Kalamor says:

its Kalamor and my xbox is broken so I may not accept it for a while

41 | timetogo says:

where are you 2phast? its been like 3 months. i am really getting pissed that i have to look at this comic over and over again for a frigging update.

42 | Toadhead says:

I am inclined to think
1. the author is dead
2. he doesnt pay his internet bills
3. broke his hands and cant draw or type
4. moved to antartica

43 | valvano30 says:

Don't you just love how it's stopped at a cliffhanger? Wow, hog just comes out of nowhere with a Scottish guy. What's next? Seriously, shock value is over.

44 | Toadhead says:

maybe he is making a very long dramatic pause.................

please end the pause!!!!! nobody likes the pauses in movies....

45 | badmanbadii7 says:

mabey hes making us wait till christmas

46 | Toadhead says:

wow i just realized didnt he start this last christmas????

47 | sithdude says:

yeah, just about. this wait has been like 3 months now. time to give up on this, 2phast was eatin by zombie babies or bungie stopped him because of copyright infringment

48 | 2phast says:

... or maybe I'm working on a college degree, moving to Oregon, transfering to a university, and working towards a career in art. Life came at me fast, guys. This isn't much different than what happened to Gruntsbane and HaloBabies.

49 | sithdude says:

YEAH 2phast!!! sorry about the zombie babies thing. i just missed the comics every week. sorry again

50 | timetogo says:

sorry about what i said 2phast. I might get pissed, but I would never stop checking to see if the comic was updated. But you have to admit, 3 months is long. All i ask is for an update like the one you gave 2 slots up. thats it. it takes a sec to do. I actually thought something happened to you. try to give us an update at least every week k? thanks man. i wish you the best in your schooling and career.

51 | timetogo says:

sorry about posting twice, but i forgot to ask. Does your update in post 48 mean you are stopping the comic? or is there more to come at a slower pace? i think i speak for everyone when i say i'd wait as long as needed. except when you don't tell us anything.

52 | 2phast says:

Oh no, this doesn't mean there's an end to LtM at all. Just that I've had an extended hiatus with college and career bothers. Expect new comics soon. And no need to apologize. I know I'm a lazy bum, and you guys deserve some reward. Hang in there!

53 | Canidrianic says:

Ah, good. Of course we can understand life coming at you fast, I'm just glad to know what happened now. =) Thank you, 2phast, and I hope everything starts going smoothly for you. I'm looking forward to the continuation!

54 | Chad says:

Hey 2phast are they going to be permanent characters?(scottish guy and driver of the hog)

55 | ang says:

lol this comic is dead

56 | Calbeck says:

That's CAVALRY, GODDAMMIT! Otherwise, great strip. -:D

57 | Kalamor says:

2phast I got an Idea get some others to help you do this or something more comics cause of more people drawing but they got to follow a story line you set and approve the comics so you don't have to spend 5 days drawning

58 | john8 says:

hes right this is dead as a doornail

59 | Mr.K says:

No its not, I still believe

60 | timetogo says:

sooooo... any idea how much longer we have to wait? for a guy called 2phast, you sure are 2slow at updating.

stupid joke i know.

61 | Wakko says:

Wow, this is so dead

62 | TURNiNG BLUE says:

hey 2phast, how's the next strip comin'? I've been holding my breath for some time now...

63 | TwilightRivers says:

LOVE the kilt!! Can't wait for more!

64 | Dachiakia says:

It has been 6 months. I am sorry all, but it looks like 2phast has either quit, or won't be back until next September 4.

65 | Tucker117 says:

I can't wait for the next strip!

66 | Mikes says:

We're gonna have to wait a little longer I'm afraid...

67 | BIGEE says:

Sad that we will have to wait. The story was getting even better.

68 | timetogo says:

2phast are you dead? at least let us know your alive!!!

69 | BIGEE says:

I believe hes dead.

70 | Mikes says:

He's either dead or has forgotten about us.

71 | roar says:

this guy is dead
and this comic is too.
shame because it was good.

72 | BIGEE says:

I bet someone could do a better job at posting comic strips.

73 | Cody says:

well it's jsut like he said he's in college rght now trying to get a degree. so A: he's not dead, B: the comic is temporarly dead (don't care bout spelling), and C: i agree with tht 3rd one in a way. just think, maybe when it's like vacation time or something he'll make another one! or maybe we wait till christmas...

74 | BIGEE says:

All of your statements make sence. We will wait.

75 | timetogo says:

He did say he was i college and moving and stuff, but that was MONTHS ago. At least have the common courtesy to tell your fans wtf is going on regularly.

76 | Cody says:

okay he probably moved in already since it was months ago, but when it comes to college you really don't have time for anyting kinda. Test are hard and require alot of studying. art degree or not, still requires alot of work and testing to get. only thing you have time for is talknig to your friends a lil bit, lunch, breakfast, dinner, and bed time, that's it. go easy on him a lil guys. oh btw he did tell us what's going on at least 1-2 times, whole bunch of people said what he's doing, and i even said what he's doing. in other words take a chill pill and stop saying stuff like for example "where r u?, what's going on? tell us where u r! wtf is going on?" because he already did. do't you people even read all the comments to wtheck is going on?

77 | BIGEE says:

I knew that but at least one of his cohorts could continue the comic, if there good at it.

78 | Cody says:

True, maybe they don't cuz they can't draw as good, or know how to make it as funny as it is or something. if both are false then they're just wasting our time, or waiting for phast approval, or just waiting him to do it since he's good at it. tht's my guess...

79 | BIGEE says:

Well, we'll just have to wait and see.

80 | Cody says:

in the mean time, anyone have anyway to entertain us? jokes anyone?

81 | BIGEE says:

Whats funny and is grey?

82 | Cody says:

i don't know, what?

83 | timetogo says:

alright Cody. He did tell us what was up, but if you cared to look that was several months ago. He cant be busy enough not to update. He has had many months in order to do so.

84 | BIGEE says:

To Cody:I don't know. I just said that.

To TimeTogo:Yes he did indeed, but theres a problem. If your just someone that reads his comics, how do you know he had the chance? Unless your close friends with him.

85 | Cody says:

he's got a good ponit there. and i already said, college is tough takes alot of work and blah blah blah blah, i said it b4 and im not gonna say it again, so go back and read the comments man it says right there! don't you(those who don't) ever read the friggen comments before you say or ask something tht's already been answered or said?

86 | BIGEE says:

Hmmm.....Like I said before, we will just have to wait. Or if someone else takes over the comics.

87 | Kalamor says:

Hey I bet you he is doing this for the people to gather up and when the next one comes out there will be like a huge reader outcome

smart thinking there 2hlast

88 | Cody says:

could be true, but if you think about it most of us who read this one pretty much read it at least like what? 10?20?30 times? not to mention some of us posted on this at least once for sure but maybe like 3-6 times on this already? but like bigee said "Hmmm.....Like I said before, we will just have to wait. Or if someone else takes over the comics." either way we're still waiting a long time jsut for one comic......unless he's making a whole bunch of comics and releasing them on different dates and stuff, so he won't be busy making one right after another and getting tired of it. maybe just make a whole bunch and then release them and take a break.

89 | Kalamor says:

I agree but I also think he should get some art friends to help him with this comic...if he does if he gets busy he can overlook one of his friends to it or direct his friends and stuff. The more people the more comics!!!

90 | Blarg says:

Or maybe he actually has a life? If you want this to run so badly start it up yourself. He's busy. Give him a break. The only thing these comments do is take up space.

91 | roar says:

blarg, your comments take up space too.
2Phast did a good job with this, if someone else started it they might ruin it a bit.

92 | BIGEE says:

Can we all just give it a rest and just wait. It won't do us any good just to keep posting about the problem.

93 | Cody says:

lets go back with the jokes again people.

94 | Mikes says:

Lets just make jokes and try to get 100 comments people.

95 | BIGEE says:

See, thats better. Now, does anyone have any good jokes?

96 | Cody says:

what was the geomatry student looking for at the beach?

97 | Mikes says:

I dunno... what?

98 | Cody says:

a tangent

99 | Franky says:

oh i got an idea

YO MAMA FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

100 | BIGEE says:


101 | Cody says:

wait! i got it! lets play hide and go seek! NOT IT!

102 | Dachiakia says:

Wow. It really IS almost next September 4th. He's dead.

103 | BIGEE says:

Not it!

104 | Kal says:

here's a game, last post wins
how it works...

I'm winning.

105 | Cody says:

no i am! lol this is gonna be an epic and funny game if everyone plays. I will assume and take the fact tht he's dead or not donig ltm anymore, if it's exactly a year from when he made this comic....Unless he's making like 100 comics and realeasing them all on different dates to keep us occupied while he doesn't have tomore around his time and make a comic when it can really mess up his schedule and bla bla bla idk what the heck im saying now lol.

106 | Mikes says:

I'm winning!

107 | Chanchu says:

I dont think so!

108 | Cody says:

It's so on! bring it on!

109 | BIGEE says:

Bring it on!!!

110 | Cody says:

oh yeah? LAST POST + 1 ohhhh.....Even if you say last post puls 2 i'll still be in the lead by 1!!!!!!!!!! lol

111 | Mikes says:

I am from the future, and I say, last post!

112 | Chanchu says:

..from the future.. what are you Doctor Who? - (Cody's last post +1)+ my Last post plus infinity.

113 | Kal says:

and now I'm winning again

114 | Mikes says:

Hey, almost 117 comments!
I am still last though!

115 | BIGEE says:

My last post in infinity and BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eat that!

116 | Cody says:

oh yeah? my last post to infinity and beyond to the power of infinity and beyond and so on with the power muiltiplied by infinity and going infinity and beyond fast speed to the power of infinity and beyong to the power of that and so on! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BEAT THAT! oh since i said plus 1....that means im still 1 ahead f you and this 1 right now :)

117 | Kalamor says:


118 | BIGEE says:

I go infinity and beyond and beyond all that you said Cody and a little more to the right and to some more infinity and more!!! Pluas 5,000!!!

119 | Mikes says:

Infinty, beyond + everything BIGEE just said + 1 squillion + 117 + 666 + every other number I can think of.
I'd like to see you guys beat that!

120 | Kal says:

consider yourself beaten cause I'm winning now

121 | Mikes says:

That doesn't count!

122 | Kal says:

sure it does

123 | BIGEE says:

This continues to be an UBER fest. I'm winning. If I don't win, Chuck Norris will beat you all up.

124 | Mikes says:

fool, Chuck Norris is my friend and he will beat you guys up if I don't win!
btw I'm winning!

125 | Chanchu says:

my last post to infinity and beyond to the power of infinity and beyond and so on with the power muiltiplied by infinity and going infinity and beyond fast speed to the power of infinity and beyond to the power of that and so on! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BEAT THAT! oh since i said plus 1....that means im still 1 ahead f you and this 1 right now :)

I go infinity and beyond and beyond all that you said Cody and a little more to the right and to some more infinity and more!!! Pluas 5,000!!!
Infinty, beyond + everything BIGEE just said + 1 squillion + 117 + 666 + every other number I can think of.
I'd like to see you guys beat that!

consider yourself beaten cause I'm winning now!!!!!!!

126 | BIGEE says:

Hahaha.....noones going to win. Hahaha. I won't even win.

127 | Mikes says:

Whats that about no one winning BIGEE, I will win!

128 | BIGEE says:

We all we think we will win but no one has one yet. Am I right?? Hahahaha!

129 | topped says:

wat now. I got last post

130 | BIGEE says:

Thats what you think.

131 | Mikes says:

Thats what she said!

132 | Cody says:

um..halo 3?

133 | Kal says:

133 = last post = I win

134 | BIGEE says:

This is what I said, THIS IS LAST POST!!! OH YEAH!!!

135 | Toadhead says:

wow this is sad....screw itanyway...i win

136 | timetogo says:

wtf? why does it say i'm losing? i just posted!

137 | BIGEE says:

This is going nowhwere. Cody, what about Halo 3?

138 | Chanchu says:

er.. hm.. winnin so far!!

139 | 2phast says:

I think it's game over!

140 | BIGEE says:

Nice to see you again 2Phast. I hope we'll get even better comics of Larry.

141 | Kal says:

is that really you 2phast?

can we get an update on when we can expect more greatness?

also, I'm winning

142 | timetogo says:

great. now i can call off the APB on your body.

So that means that body in the forest next to my house wasn't yours....

143 | Toadhead says:

You know it could just be some guy that felt like getting our hopes up, or to shut us up on the comments by pretending to be 2phast. But if it is 2phast. Glad to have you back.

144 | Cody says:

if it is you phast then YAYZ! if not then im glad your cheering us up but i don't like posers. tht's if tht was the case.

145 | BIGEE says:

Hmmmm....Why don't we ask him a hard question. What's Larry the marine's favorite......color!?

146 | Chanchu says:

I agree with Toadhead.it probably is just some funny guy, in that case.... resume game..I'M WINNING!!

147 | Kal says:

no your not Chanchu, I am

148 | Cody says:

i agree with toadhead actually, because if it was him he'll probably giving us an update on what's going on... but he's not and im still reading the same ol' comic....i'm wining btw :)

149 | Mikes says:

Man, I almost had my hopes up when I saw 2phast there.
Oh and I'm winning!

150 | Cody says:

i know collee is tough and all but i definitely know that they do give you a break or something, and that makes me ask "wtheck are you doing during those breaks? you forget about us?" i mean seriously...

151 | BIGEE says:

Hahaha. Well then, lets continue with our UBER fest. I'm winning by DEFAULT!!!

152 | Cody says:

if phast is going to be gone till september 4th when this 1 was made, imm learn how to draw larry the marine and continue the thing cuz this sucks. he promissed us he'll give us one hell of a comic, well im waiting...

153 | Mikes says:

We're waiting! (paces around the room waiting)

154 | BIGEE says:

Patience may be a virtue but this has gone long enough.

155 | Chanchu says:

reply to BIGEE: nah, i think hes gonna make us wait three more years, just like the halo uprising series!btw I'm winnin!

156 | BIGEE says:

Reply to Chanchu:Eh, you could be right. We'll just have to wait and see.

157 | Cody says:

may i have a link to this so called Halo uprising? also 3 YEARS? WE'RE GONNA HAVE TO WAIT 3 YEARS?

158 | BIGEE says:

Not the reched 3 YEARS!!!!!!

159 | Cody says:

wait a min? u mean those 4 halo comics? they didn't sto then wait 3 years, they released them when they finished one. all tht's about is what happen between halo 2 and halo 3, which is abuta 3-5 month time perion....which is inda short to me idk y.

160 | BIGEE says:

What do we do now?

161 | Chanchu says:

You guys got halowars? i like playing 3 v 3 on skirmish, building 2 vultures, 3 spartans and the rest grizllies!It is one awesome team!!

162 | BIGEE says:

I've got HaloWars. I like being Brute Chieftain and Cpt. Cutter.

163 | Cody says:

man ill be anders and warthog rushing and sendin hawkz all over ya and i call tht .....danget i can't say it, i'll get in trouble lol.

164 | Mikes says:

I wonder if Pyro or smiley are reading all this?

165 | BIGEE says:

Reply to Mikes:I bet they are.

166 | Chanchu says:

have you played 3v3 on legendary? Most of the time, it doesn't matter how well you play but if your AI plays well too. I think thats pretty annoying!

167 | BIGEE says:

Yeah, I've played that several times.

168 | Kal says:

new game, post your predictions on when 2phast will post the next strip, whom ever is closest, or guesses right, wins

my guess is...
Aug 3

169 | Eric says:

(meant to be read on the day 2phast posts the new strip)
haha I win!

170 | BIGEE says:

I say,

Sep 4.

171 | Chanchu says:

there's already a game in progress. Last post wins! Kal, we'll play your game after this one's finished!

172 | Mikes says:

Last post! I think it will be Sep 11.

173 | NthroSptn says:

Hey fellas, there's a forum specially made for this kind of chatter.

174 | Mikes says:

And that would be?

175 | Mikes says:

Last post.

176 | Kal says:

last post belongs to me

177 | Mikes says:

Last Post are belong to me!

178 | shadowelancer says:


179 | Chanchu says:

mikes likes bikes....yikes!!
soz got bored!

180 | Chanchu says:

anyone know 2phast's real name?

181 | 2phast says:

Ahoy lads. For the record, post 139 was not me. I haven't posted since post 48. I've just returned from a long - VERY long - and tiring absence. It's both flattering and embarassing that so many people still love this comic, despite life hitting me pretty hard these past few months. Despite my last visit, and promise of new comics, I have returned OFFICIALLY now. Check the forums. I'm back for good. I won't give a date on when new comics will be up (Though Sept. 4th would be funny ;P). Rest assured everyone, I'm back. For good. Also, Cody is a close friend of mine IRL, and has been encouraging me to return. Thanks for sticking by my side, amigo.

182 | Mikes says:

Chanchu, I loathe bikes (ok I don't like riding them happy!)
OH YEAH! 2phast is back!!
Took ya long enough!

183 | Chanchu says:

How can we be sure its you 2phast? Tell us something only you would know!

184 | Chanchu says:

on a slightly different note, anyone read the 23rd May edition of New Scientist? It has an interesting article about supersoldiers.It talks about all the ethical issues surronding this idea of a "perfect soldier" like the loss of sense of morality,the loss of empathy or mercy towards fellow soldiers or humans etc. it's quite interesting! Read it from your library or your local newsagents.

185 | Chanchu says:

oh and theres this cool pic of a prototype armor for supersoldiers. I mean is it me or does that picture look like a Mjolnir mark III armour

186 | 2phast says:

Alright Chanchu. Prove it's me eh? You can check the forums for my posts, stating my return. Or, if you want something more convincing... the new Scottish character's name is Mac. Guess you'll have to wait for the new comic (COMING SOON) in order to believe me ;P

187 | Kal says:

Chanchu: yeah I saw that, intersting article, as for the armour I wouldn't necessarily say Mark III, but definately Mark I at least

2phast: glad that your back, cant wait for more comics

188 | Toadhead says:

Glad to have you back 2phast, and glad your not an impostor like the last guy too. Can't wait for more comics.

189 | Cody says:


190 | BIGEE says:

Nice to see you 2Phast. I hope the next comics will be even funnier and better than the last.

191 | Chanchu says:

yeah 2phast ur back!! sorry i doubted you! hope we get new comics soon!

192 | BIGEE says:

Wait, the new comics are coming on Sep. 4, OH YEAH!! (Just joking. hahaha)

193 | Cody says:

dude don't even joke about that!

194 | BIGEE says:

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I said that in one of our games we were playing. Hahaha, sorry.

195 | Cody says:

lol np. well now that our hopes are up now what? wait i know, WAIT FOR THE COMIC! but in the meantime is the question?

196 | Kal says:

oh, I know! I'm winning!

197 | BIGEE says:

If your winning is the question.

198 | Cody says:

well at least we know there's a new comic coming up

199 | Cody says:

wait a min something scares me now, sorry for double posting but i have to ask, 2phast after reading post 181, to tell u the truth i don't know what your talking about. I have never met you in real life and i may have been encouraging you to return from the post here on this comic, but i think you got me mixed up with someone else. Just in case you didn't, where do i live? country? state? whats ur name(or if ur someone i talke to on xboxlive) and my name isnt really cody, i just chose that name because i couldn't think of another to use. would u like me to change the name?

200 | Chanchu says:

post 200! i win!!

201 | BIGEE says:

Now that is scary Cody, if you say that you never met him before in your life..........then....*Gets suspicious look* We have a stalker amongst us.

202 | Cody says:

or it''s not really him, i checked the forums to see about his return, i didn't see anything about a return. unless some1 would like to give me a link to this "Return"

203 | Mikes says:

Okay, now I'm confused, is it the real 2phast who did posts #181 and #186 or was it another imposter. Better not have been!

204 | Kal says:

hey, if that really is you 2phast, can you link us to the forum about your return?

if you are an imposter, well [E|X|P|L|I|C|I|T|S| |D|E|L|E|T|E|D]

205 | Cody says:

im dead serious guys, check the forums and tell me if u see or don't see anything sbout a return

206 | Chanchu says:

it probably isnt him! who do we complain to about impersonators? Whoever did this clearly did not "read the rules before posting a comment"

207 | Cody says:

well actually the rules also said talk about something about the comic or something, over half of thease arn't.

208 | BIGEE says:

Alright, if this really is the real 2Phast, we need to know how to prove it. Forums or not, it won't help that much.

209 | Kal says:

Cody: I looked, nothing about a return, why I asked for '2phast' to provide a link to it

210 | BIGEE says:

Hmmm......I think I may know who it is. But I may be wrong, I might be right.

211 | timetogo says:

im soo happy...

212 | BIGEE says:

Reply to TimeToGO:Why are you happy?

213 | Toadhead says:

Another fake 2phast? Again? Awwwww.......I Want the real one back

214 | timetogo says:

bigee: i thought he was back.

215 | Cody says:

if he really cares about his fans that much, he would reply back to use right away about this. it's obviously another fake 2phast. you jerk! why don't you make yourself useful in life and stop making it think it's cool to pose as people! cuz it's not!

216 | 2phast says:

To Cody: My bad man. I do have a close friend of mine IRL named Cody, who has been a very big supportive of my comics. I just assumed since you were always on here commenting, and frequenting the site, I figured it was the Cody that I knew. Mistaken identity man, sorry.

Like I said before guys, the onl;y true way to prove it's me will be to post my new comic. But some technical issues have arisen, an until MrSmiley gets back to me, the comic will have to wait. Trust me. It's me. And a new comic is on the horizon. :)

217 | Mikes says:

This Is All Too Confusing!

218 | Chanchu says:

this is soo confusing! Mrsmiley if you're reading this i would like to complain about a supposedly imposter!

219 | Kal says:

... this makes me sad

220 | BIGEE says:

Guys, don't be sad or confused. I am 50% shure its 2Phast but we must be on high alert. If there is no new comic for the next 6 weeks, I will have to come to the conclusion that is a fake.

221 | Kalamor says:


222 | Cody says:

okay i'll beleive that, but what about ur return? i don't see anything about it on the forums.

223 | Kal says:

yeah 2phast, what forum were you talking about?

224 | BIGEE says:

I laready belive it is 2Phast. Now, which forum?

225 | 2phast says:

Etc forum. "Get it off your chest Thread Mk II". Few pages back. That, and I've also been posting madly all over the forums. Quite obvious I'm back, lol

226 | Chanchu says:

you're not 2phast!2phast is loyal to his fans and if you were him you would've stated youre return on the halobabies homepage forum just after you stated you're return on this forum! So jokes over jerk!

227 | Kal says:

OK 2phast, I believe you now.
But PLEASE get the next comic up soon, THX!

228 | Haze says:

this is cody, i've changed it so no one gets confused, and i beleive 2phast now.

229 | Mikes says:

Hi Haze, never seen you around here. lol

230 | Kilt says:

Kilt NOT a man skirt

231 | AndrewBoldman says:

Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

232 | BIGEE says:

At least most of use believe its you 2Phast.

233 | Mikes says:

For the moment, I will believe it is you, and I wonder where Mrsmiley and Pyroman are, as neither Pyrosmile Productions or Halo Babies have been updated in a VERY long while.

234 | Haze says:

makes me wonder if thet're dead, not caring, or reading everything we say and foolin/ playing with us. IM ON TO YOU GUYS! NO JEDI MIND TRICKS! FORCE!

235 | Mikes says:

Maybe it's the swine flu

236 | Haze says:

O_o that would suck if ty got it.

237 | BIGEE says:

That wouldn't be good at all.

238 | Haze says:

hmm wwell now that you think of it, they could be dead, they havn't updated the site in a while.

239 | BIGEE says:

Thats still not inspiring.

240 | Toadhead says:

Chances both of them are dead are slim. Maybe they have lives?

241 | Kal says:

[sarcastically] lives apart from HB or LTM? yeah right, there's no way that is the reason

242 | Haze says:

all you do is long in or what ever, make a few changes, write what's gona happen, sve and your done. Not that hard, all it requires is about 10-60 min, depending how much they're updating

243 | timetogo says:

You know, we've kinda bonded over waiting.

Wee should hook up on live if anyone has it.

add me timetogo309

244 | BIGEE says:

Yeah, timetogo is right. Mine is


245 | Mikes says:

Sadly I don't currently

246 | Kal says:

if you want to shoot me a message
I'm KryptonianEagle

247 | Haze says:

mr mercenary117 here folks

248 | timetogo says:

To haze:

is that mercenary117 or mr mercenary117?

249 | Haze says:

mr mercenary117

250 | BIGEE says:

Guys, where did you all go?

251 | Mikes says:

Swine flu maybe? It's everywhere!

252 | Kal says:

I asked my parents for a new car and they said 'when pigs fly'
now I'm driving a Porche cause swine flu...

253 | crickets says:

... ... ...

254 | Toadhead says:

Ummmmmm......welll......uhhhhh....I'm winning?

255 | Mikes says:

Imma winning the match!

256 | BIGEE says:


257 | Mikes says:

Yes they do! That person is me!

258 | BIGEE says:

Oh yeah right!

259 | Ivo says:

How are you. Speak when you are angry--and you will make the best speech you'll ever regret.
I am from Estonia and , too, and now am writing in English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: "Pharmaceutical news, pharmaceutical articles, and pharma jobs for you to browse the site either jump to a section info zone."

Waiting for a reply ;), Ivo.

260 | Haze says:


261 | Mikes says:

I am the last. Therefore, I am the best.

262 | Chanchu says:

You guys are stupid! it's been weeks and 2Phast hasn't stated his return on the halobabies homepage. Whoever this "2Phast" was an imposter!

263 | Haze says:

Roosterteeth videos/comics anyone? anyone watch the catc video? HILLARIOUS AS HECK LOL

264 | Haze says:

wait y doesn't anyone just send him an email or somethin? tell him to get off his butt, tell us it's really him, and then wait to see if he responds.

265 | BIGEE says:

Ehhh.....What good would that bring Haze?

266 | Toadhead says:

ROOSTERTEETH!!!! I love Red Vs. Blue!!! Best Online Vid series.

267 | Haze says:

well if we send him an email, he might tell us what's really going on, but the get off his butt and bla bla bla, well idk, we'll just have to wait and find out.

268 | Kal says:

RvB is the sh!t.

269 | Kalamor says:

Hey guys....just so everyone knows

I'M A DAD!!!!!

btw I think he have out done ourselves with the comments on this we have more comments then most celeberties do on their myspace profile pictures

270 | Mikes says:

So. A POTD on Filefront has 1300 comments, and that was put up back in April.

271 | Chanchu says:

oh mikes!Kalamor wasn't denying that we have more comments than anything on the internet, he was saying that we have more comments then MOST CELEBRITIES DO ON THEIR MYSPACE PROFILE PAGES!

btw Congratulations Kalamor on being a dad!

272 | Mikes says:

Oh right, sorry. Oh and congrats Kalamor.

273 | Donna says:

How are you. Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for lunch.
I am from Great and now teach English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "Clinical signs, yet the majority of the flea population eggs, larvae and pupae are to the ideal flea control program utilizes."

Regards :-( Donna.

274 | Mikes says:

And what does that have to do with the price of fish?

275 | Alex says:

Donna, I have no idea of what you just said...

276 | Haze says:

gratz on being a Dad kalamor!

277 | BIGEE says:

Yeah, congratulations

278 | Kalamor says:

thanks guys...it a boy lol

279 | Haze says:


280 | Mikes says:

Awesome! Wouldn't have minded either way but still awesome!

281 | Haze says:

we should have a celebration! my house woooot!

282 | Kal says:

so... anyone pre-ordering ODST?

283 | Haze says:

hell yes!

284 | Toadhead says:

Comments have sort of died down haven't they? I'm not the only one still checking this am I?

285 | Anonymous says:


286 | Kal says:

I still am...

kinda bored...

2phast, if you're out there, save us from insanity!

287 | Mikes says:

2Phast, gtf here now! We're losing our minds just waiting for an update!

288 | kalamor says:

*drools from insaneism*

289 | Haze says:

how bout we jsut rebel or somethin...

290 | Chanchu says:

oh my god I'm not dead yet! I wonder if 2Phast's dead?

291 | Haze says:

2phast doesnt care about hisfans anymore, if he did he would've given us an update. so it really doesn't matter if he is or not, he just doesn't want to amke LTM anymore...which sucks cuz it was gettin good.

292 | Haze says:

has anyone actually try emailing them about this? i dont think the emails under contacts r correct cuz i rttied them and they don't exist

293 | timetogo says:

I don't know about the rest of you, but i've switched over to VG Cats. That webcomic is funny as hell. check it out. Im not sure that i can post a link so just google Vg Cats.

294 | Toadhead says:

One more month and it will have been a year...

295 | Haze says:

just do it time to go, i don't think anyone cares anymore.

296 | Mikes says:

at least get 300 posts before we leave this place behind. I'd leave place behind though.

297 | Haze says:

what i don't understand is, who the hell is donating money to this site? nothing is happening here so i don't see the pint of doing so... that's why this website is still up. unless 2phast and mr smiley left it up forus...

298 | Toadhead says:

Maybe they forgot about it?

299 | Kal says:

idk, maybe something happened to them

btw vgcats is funny as hell

300 | timetogo says:

fine. here you go. 300 posts.

301 | apfel says:

then this makes 301 cause i'm soooo lovin' the scottsman. Can't wait for more dude.

302 | Kal says:

yeah, about that apfel, you do realize that it has been almost an entire year since the last update

we're pretty sure that 2phast is dead

303 | Mikes says:

I don't think he is dead, just he has forgotten about us or he just hasn't been able to do much of anything with comic since he went wherever.

304 | Haze says:

oh cmon he went to college in oregan. you have like only 2-4 classes and each one is about 1-2 hours longnhe's got plenty of time.

305 | Kal says:

he was probably out partying and well... like I said before, now he's dead

in that case the last few posts he left here were from an imposter

306 | BIGEE says:

Man, I'm getting tired of waiting for him.

307 | Haze says:

people who support this ite by donating...you're all idiots, but if it's not the people and it's mr smiley and 2phast then they know we're here and they're jsut screwing with us or something.

308 | Mikes says:

Well I found 2phast's deviantart account, it appears though he last logged on 29 weeks ago.

309 | Chanchu says:

"29 weeks ago"!!? Ok thats a long time either 2phast's dead or he jumped ship, meaning he has fled the country tryin to escape the feds.

310 | timetogo says:

RIP 2phast

311 | Haze says:

either way mr smiley 2phast or that one othr guy has told us whats really happening. the way i see it they arnt coming back

312 | Mikes says:

Well I know Pyro and smiley haven't left but they are atm fixing up the site from what I have heard. As for 2Phast there is a good chance he isn't gonna be coming back.

313 | Haze says:

well then why hasnt ther been an update about that?

314 | Kal says:

2 weeks to go and we've hit a year since the last strip, and 314 comments

315 | Mikes says:

Amazing, unfortunately this strip won't be updated though probably. :(

316 | Kal says:

"Will LtM come back?"
*shakes magic 8 ball*
outlook not so good

317 | Haze says:

that sucks.

318 | Dachiakia says:

Guys I still want him to come back as much as the next guy but lets face it... its almost been 2 years. He got a life away from us. He won't come back...

319 | Dachiakia says:

T-T I swore I wouldn't cry...

320 | Kal says:

hey Dachiakia, I get your point, but you may want to recheck your math, it'll be one year this Friday, not 2

321 | Kal says:

hey Dachiakia, I get your point but you might want to recheck your math, it'll be one year this Friday, not two

322 | Kal says:

sorry for the double post, internet conection's a little weird...

323 | Haze says:

who cars bout double post, it's not like they come by and hceck.. they don't care. watch for example and wait about....3 days? a week? look at these multiple posts...

324 | Haze says:

who cars bout double post, it's not like they come by and hceck.. they don't care. watch for example and wait about....3 days? a week? look at these multiple posts...

325 | Haze says:

who cars bout double post, it's not like they come by and hceck.. they don't care. watch for example and wait about....3 days? a week? look at these multiple posts...

326 | Haze says:

who cars bout double post, it's not like they come by and hceck.. they don't care. watch for example and wait about....3 days? a week? look at these multiple posts...

327 | Haze says:

who cars bout double posts? not like they come to check up. Example..

328 | timetogo says:

who knows? maybe with the release of ODST he might remember he has a halo marine comic strip.

329 | Haze says:

100 bucks he's not coming back or replying on seot 4th 2009. if he does well i need proof it's him.... maybe like a comic!! plz!!!

330 | Mikes says:

Haze, stop spamming the comments bar! Read the Rules! Twice if you have to!

331 | Zesky! says:

The Scottish guys wearing a kilt?

332 | Haze says:

mike, i did that to prove a point...that you obviously missed...

333 | Kalamor says:

I got an Idea we find someone else to make a comic strip about a marine named Caleb and he's all bad ass and two other marines one is a sniper the other a crazy spec ops dude obsessed with explosives and some wimpy naval corpsman that hides when the covies come

334 | Kalamor says:

We can Call it Fire Team Charlie the Operation Place Name Here

335 | Kalamor says:

oh btw 3 days left for a year this comic was posted

336 | Haze says:

then thats when he kill him right? er.. i mean, that's when we move on right?

337 | Kal says:

if he isn't already dead...

338 | Mikes says:

I still can't believe it has (almost has) been one whole year!
But there is a definite chance that he is actually deceased.

339 | Haze says:

all who are in favor that he's deceased say i

340 | Kal says:


341 | Kalamor says:

Nah....He's just forgotten about us but remember we know where he goes to college do I smell a plot to kidnap and force a certain someone to draw comic strips about a certain Larry the Marine

342 | Haze says:

im in.

343 | Toadhead says:

Well you know he hasn't really forgotten about "us". I mean look there are what 5-7 regular visitors. I might not post as much as a few of you, but I still check everyday in the hopes. But my point is this little comic strip has a total community of 5-7 with every once in a while a straggler discovers it then forgets about it. It's been a year sure but I'm still going to check it. Chances are he's not dead. Mainly I check this just for the posts now because some of you guys are pretty funny and entertaining. Sure it's a dead strip but I'm going to keep coming back. It's just habit now I guess.

344 | Haze says:

one year today!!! now we wiat till midnight...for sure...

345 | Kal says:

@ Toadhead
I agree, with everything. The only reason I'm still here is that I have been too lazy to remove the link from my favs bar.

346 | Toadhead says:

Happy Anniversary. Officially one year of...waiting.

347 | Jennelle says:

You're already here-might as well sign the thing! =).
I am from Colombia and too poorly know English, tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "The management of redemption payments has operated mandatory in prepaid resources and has predicted the batik, and in some sales side municipalities by station."

Thank you very much :D. Jennelle.

348 | Kal says:

so today is 1 year of waiting, and then December 24th is the 2 year anniversary of the start of the comic

349 | Mikes says:

I'm mainly still here for the same reasons Toadhead is still here.
I had originally decided to remove this off of my Bookmarks after 1 year, but I may still stay for a while though now.
I still can't believe it's been that long.

350 | Kalamor says:

I just say we come back every day till something happens if we leave and he does come back to a dead board no more comics ever if we stay and he comes back and see we are still here he's probably be touched by how devoted we are and start making more comics

351 | Kal says:

I know I'll post here periodically, just to show that I'm still alive

352 | Kal says:

so I got an idea, everyone list your favorite moments/quotes
I'm split between 'Good Lord... he can't be that dumb, can he?' and 'Tank doesn't beat gravity...'

353 | Toadhead says:

Well actually Kal I haven't really read the LtM series lately. I don't remember all the quotes and stuff such as that. I really should reread them but like I said I mainly just come back for these comment posts now.

9/7/09 I'm going to date my posts, help keep track of where we are.

354 | Kal says:

to be honest, neither have I, those two have just stood out the most, I'm sure if I went back and re-read the series I'd find several more that I had forgotten

355 | Mr.K says:

jesus, one year. It has been far too long

356 | Mikes says:

damn, cant believe a whole year has past. RIP Larry, Manny, TJ and 2Phast.


357 | Chanchu says:

Do you know normally I don't post very often but I visit this site to check the posts like toadhead said. Man sometimes I think 2Phast delibrately created this comic strip so he could gather up enough viewers and then stop altogether so we then visit his site like a bunch of losers. But you know what guys? Screw him!! I think we should forget about his comic and use this forum as a place to talk about halo and other things. Like for example I think we should take a moment to think about those that died in the 9/11 attacks.


358 | Haze says:

R.I.P. to those who died in the 9/11. Hope you guys are in a better place.

359 | Toadhead says:


So anyone else excited for ODST and Modern Warfare 2?

And also in the music world (In which I prefer my alternative rock) Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin new albums soon!

360 | Kal says:

I am real excited for ODST, unfortunately I won't be able to play for quite a while (perhaps sooner if one of my friends gets it)

as for music, Switchfoot's 'Hello Hurricane' comes out on 11/10/09

361 | Haze says:


uh kal, not sure where u live but how can it be the 17th when im osting on the 16th?

Im gettin ODST but won't be able to play online with it.

362 | badmanbadii7 says:

lol kal was thee 360thh comment also kal did u fix your xbox yet

363 | badmanbadii7 says:

lol kal was thee 360thh comment also kal did u fix your xbox yet

364 | Mikes says:

I'm looking forward to both, but I'll probably get MW2 before ODST, I don't have a new copy of Halo 3 yet.
Also Kal, do you live in Australia or somewhere nearby?


365 | timetogo says:

My list of games is in this order:

1. Left 4 Dead 2
2. Assassins Creed 2
3: Modern Warfare 2


366 | Anonymous says:


MWF2, left 4 dead 2, ODST, maybe assassins creed, and 1 or 2 other games im trying to remember.

367 | Kal says:

Haze and Mikes - nah I live in the US, the date thing was just a typo but didn't expect anyone to notice it in time to realize my mistake

badmanbadii - it's not that my xbox is broken, it's that I don't own one anymore (I moved out of the house for college and my younger bros kept all the games)

368 | Chanchu says:


I'm gettin odst as for mw2 haven't got enough money.

369 | Kal says:

just curious, Mikes and Chanchu, where are you from? cause I know that the day/month/year date style is more common outside the US

370 | Kalamor says:

ha ha ha Thats my favorite

371 | Chanchu says:

England. What part of America are you from?

372 | Kal says:


373 | Toadhead says:

Kal's pretty close to me. I live in South Bend, IN.


374 | Chanchu says:

the legendary ending in odst? what do you guys make of it?

375 | Haze says:

i think that's the ark? idk, it was confusing to me.

376 | Matt says:

At least Say you are ending the comic please.

or finish it up with something to finish it. i'd even settle for "and the covenant glassed the planet and they all died the end"

377 | Toadhead says:


@ Matt: Hate to break it to you but we've kind have been waiting for him to say that for a year. Picture us as a giant surprise party, and the guest of honor never show's up. I don't know about the rest of you guys but my legs have been numb forever because of crouching behind this couch, and the cake is starting to get a little moldy.

Anyway, I don't think he's coming. So if you really want someway to say it's done, I'll tell you. Ok here goes:

Hem Hem...By order of the decree of Bunkoland, and the power vested in my by Lord Fiddleswap I hear by end LarrytheMarine.

There. The end. Happy Matt?

378 | Kal says:

yeah, well, like I said before, I'm gonna keep checking back here and chatting any ways, I'm stubborn like that

379 | Mikes says:

I'm from Australia Kal.

Also, I wish 2Phast would come back for real but it'll never happen unfortunately.


380 | Kal says:


Cool, Mikes, I've always wanted to visit Ausie. And if I remember right, my birthday (26 Jan) is a national holiday, Founders Day, I think. Correct me if I'm wrong.

381 | Mikes says:

No, it's called Australia Day, the day the first European settlers landed in Sydney in 1788.
If you do ever come to Australia, it is definitely worth it.

382 | Haze says:

the outback!

383 | Mikes says:

What about it?


384 | Haze says:



385 | Mikes says:

Fair enough then.


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