A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | TheMrScott says:

Wow, sounds like fun! =D

2 | kalel06 says:

I love that first panel.


Lol. From bad to worse is correct!!

4 | mrsmiley says:

dang the artwork is awesome in these! i'm impressed at the smooth transition from comedy to action.

5 | sithdude says:

comedy, action, comics, and halo, all the perfect things in life in one!

6 | Kalamor says:

under pressure manny goes into marine mode

7 | Eric says:

yeah, and so does Larry

8 | S T Y L E says:

Not teh banshehs! GJ 2Phast, as always!

9 | tiger0629 says:

Oh Noes!!!

10 | Kap2310 says:

Larry acting like a real Marine? I guess war can do that to a man....

11 | Spartan 089 says:

Oh no! They are doomed! Or are they?

12 | gamersdigart says:

great strip this week! Love the last panel! Nice Banshees! Fantastic background! Worth the wait for sure!

13 | Sean C84 says:

Didn't they have a Splaser just 4 comics back?

14 | Chanchu Mohan says:

yeah i know....maybe all the previous comics was just a ruse to make us forget about it.

15 | Spartan IJS says:

Good Job as always 2phast. Looking forward to the next one. :)

16 | Larry's Concience (or something like that) says:

Larry, use the laser!!

17 | Pmintz says:

i hate people that get into banshees!! use a missle pod!!

18 | Axel says:

No Larry, the Force! Use the Force!!!!

xD 2Phast, you'r doing a great job
I'm impressed.

19 | dachiakia says:

ive been waiting and waiting i know you have a good reason but i need a new comic.I have short paitence so anyone gonna yell at me back off.school started yesterday i NEED a comic.PLZ 2phast PLZ dont quit on us

20 | hahahaha says:

Ha my school starts on the 3rd of september.

21 | Eric says:

hey 2phast, its been just over 3 weeks now, I'm sure you have a good reason but can't we get an update on how much longer it'll be?

love your work, please don't let us down

22 | Trigg says:

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With best wishes :o, Trigg.

23 | Aolani says:

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24 | Linda says:

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