A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | hi says:

first post!!! Great comic 2phast!

2 | Iamninja says:

Oh My God! Larry Killed Something!
Nice Job 2phast.
Second :D

3 | riku1989 says:


4 | LunarSword says:

nice shot larry, nice shot

5 | LunarSword says:

nice shot

6 | LarryIsAwesome says:

Lol, "This is MY HOUSE baby!"
I just wish in game marines were this good :p

7 | Jordstar says:

Nice way to introduce larries usefull ness.

8 | Kalamor says:


9 | Kalamor says:

I meant Larry's lol oops

10 | Gerbil says:

Haha, I love Larry's last line! =D

Good job, 2phast!

11 | Aye Mak Sicur says:

That Brute be frontin'.

12 | mrsmiley says:

One helluva way to end that cliffhanger man. This one got me pumped! :)

13 | RayZR says:

Last two panels belong in the Hall of Fame of Awesome.

Larry's bemused expression followed by the attitude-oozing triumph PLUS winning one-liner is just pure, pure win.

14 | firehawk11D says:

Hard work does pay off, the last two panels are priceless.

15 | DemonSpawn77 says:

Oh 2phast. The token black guy always dies/gets hurt and you've upheld that.

16 | Gojira says:

The Brute's like "I NEED A DENTIST."

17 | father librarian says:

how did larry manage to do something useful especially after the grenade incident

18 | Chanchu Mohan says:

good thing tj's alive! i knew it!
But that aside what a shot from larry!

19 | Some 70's Guy says:

finally Larry can be useful now!the expression on his face is priceless!and good thing TJ is alive too!keep it up 2phast!

20 | Eric says:

OMG! I love Larry, remind me not to sneak up on him in the future


was that a headshot?

21 | josh says:

i love these comics. i was playin coop once and i saw a marine assanate a brute cheiftan.

22 | Some1 says:

Larry deserves a party HE ACTUALLY KILLED SOMETHING but too bad it wasn't a cheiftain plus 22nd post!

23 | vIsitor says:

Is it just me, or is LTM developing a *plot*?


24 | Spartan IJS says:

. . .

I don't believe it--ALRIGHT LARRY!!! WOOO!!! LOL!!!

Your strip is always getting better, 2phast.

25 | AT says:

Unless the phantom dropped more than what was drawn, I believe they only have a few grunts to worry about now...

26 | Fish says:

2 grunts? r u sure larry can handle 2 grunts?

27 | .me says:

LARRY killed somethin that WASN'T a UNSC?! WOAH!

28 | LOL says:

LOL this is like the best comic! wonder what will happen next

29 | Ace says:

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