A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Polar says:

Oh NO!! The guys have had their first casualty! And amazingly, it isn't entirely Larry's fault. Who'd have thought..? Could it be that this is an intro plot for a new character...?

2 | Kalamor says:

OMG TJ NO...but wait larry becomes a hero and kills all the enemies RAWR!!!!!! lol TJ is ok i think the MC will save the Day!

3 | AdamZero says:

it's always the black guy first...in any scifi movie...then the gritty marine gal whose tough as nails with a heart of gold...but the team doesn't have one of them so maybe Larry'll have to wear a dress to draw fire.

4 | Loknar64 says:

I guess that's what happens when you only deploy a 3 man squad?

5 | mrsmiley says:

Oh SNAP. Not TJ! :(

6 | Mr.Awesome says:

Manny's face is priceless.

7 | Ice says:

I think its because he doesn't wanna get stuck with ONLY Larry...

8 | NOOO NOT TJ!!! says:


9 | nthrosptn says:

*spoiler* TJ survives. He is made of ROCK >:/

10 | Anonymous says:

Lol larry is actually holding a gun!

11 | sithdude says:

why is it always the black guy who gets killed first? but TJ will survive, even though, he was representing bubba in the Forest Gump joke, and Bubba did die in the movie by being shot by the enemy. What a frekin dilema

12 | Spartan IJS says:

Holy frick, 2phast! You've put me on the edge of my seat!


13 | pmintz says:

as stated earlier, the black guy dies first! way to keep the ol tradition alive! maybe it was just a flesh wound and he will be out biting peoples ankles soon

14 | Iamninja says:

Oh crap not T.J.!

15 | matthew says:

that has to suck

16 | Kethren says:

OH SNAP! Poor TJ! && this better be an intro for a new character. -wink wink-

17 | MASTER CHIEFY says:

Why does the black guy dies first? I mean i watched a movie which i forgot the title and the black dude says "No way man! I watched a movie and the black guy always dies first"But still. Good job 2phast

18 | Quagga says:

What the hell? He survives a Scarab only to he hit by a plasma bolt...

19 | Chanchu Mohan says:

i totally agree with MASTER CHIEFY.
Why does the black dude always die first!! I hope he survives.

20 | Kalamora says:

TJ was a Brave Marine and a true friend may be rest and peace, and haunt the dreams of all the covenant cause thats what I would do.

21 | *chainsaw* OH SHI-*gore* says:

fried TJ anyone? thats gotta smart....

22 | Kalamor says:

when the new one coming seriously its been over a week and a walk almost 14 days really

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26 | deathstriker says:

that is awesome comic is that like larry the laudry guy

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