A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Gojira says:

I love the Brute's expression, lol.

2 | mrsmiley says:

Wow very impressive! Almost feels like watching an action-packed video clip. I LOLED at the end. :)

3 | shmaegirl says:

haha very nice =]

4 | Kalamor says:

I love larrys face when he throws the grenade then the brutes face then larry and mannys faces then they were ducking Priceless

5 | Iamninja says:

larry nearly killed something. HOORAY FOR LARRY!

6 | howisitgoing says:

great comic 2phast!!!!:) :D :P

7 | Rolly says:

Great comic!

8 | Eric says:

he's got to screw at least 1 thing up doesn't he?
FTW 2phast

9 | Mr K says:

Hey, at least it was a solid throw

10 | Some 70's guy says:

nice one 2phast!keep it up!i love Larry's expression on his face when he says Frag Out.nice.now lets buy Larry some chocolates to celebrate him almost killing something

11 | kalel06 says:

2phast...you are a brilliant man.
funny stuff, m'kay.

12 | Spartan IJS says:

This is a good strip. I love it when Larry forgot to pull the pin.


Nice job 2phast!

13 | dachiakia says:

lol i fell outta my chair

"effective,but next time lets remember to pull the pin out first"

14 | RayZR says:

I lol'd. Seriously. And what greater compliment can there be?

15 | gamersdigart says:

Great stuff here! I have been checking out the past strips and decided the finally leave a comment! Man good writing and great art! (I Love your backgrounds!!!)

16 | Chanchu Mohan says:

OTFL, thats really funny!!I wonder if Larry gets anything right? good work 2Phast!

17 | riku1989 says:

kid's got quite the arm. should be playing baseball instead haha

18 | Ice Cream Taco says:

This actually is pretty funny. I didn't enjoy most of your comics man, but I gotta say this is one of the good ones. Nice job.

19 | mattpeck says:

nice job people who made it i plai halo2 platom hits

20 | Unoraptormon says:

LOL, That is funny! Love the look on the brute's face.

21 | KrisBelucci says:

Original post by mattusmaximus

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25 | KonstantinMiller says:

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