A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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Woohoo!! First post!! Anyway, Nice one 2phast!!

2 | kalel06 says:

Ha Ha. Nice one!

3 | RayZR says:

Nice one, 2phast. Personally, I think Larry's expression should have been a hilariously exaggerated sense of fear, but that's just an opinion.

Manny's cool as always.

I bet he gets all the ladies.

Possible side story????????????

4 | plazmamuffin says:

Nice! I didn't really like the how it all began comics but you ended them nicely.

5 | Eric says:

what a waste of a wish, lol anyway


6 | mrsmiley says:

hmmm... i'm assuming this is the start of something interesting...

7 | Preacher Pain says:

Your artwork is really a treat to look at. That is my favourite thing about LTM, the quality.

8 | Spartan IJS says:

That's great. The Phantom whooshes over, Larry freaks out, and Manny replies calmly to Larry, "Ask and ye shall recieve."

LOL! Things are getting good. Nice job 2phast! :)

9 | stylesrj says:

Hmm, if Larry's wish came true, what else could they ask for that might come true?

I was thinking Happy Sunshine Cannons...

10 | KGB says:

Uhh, I hate to point out the painfully obvious but you spelled "SHOOOOM!!" wrong - it should have SIX O's! :P

Great comic, the expressions are wonderful and it has a good sense of humor!

11 | BBJynne says:

the expressions were priceless
and um, the guy with the cloth on the head *can't remember name* that was funny what he said

12 | Kalamor says:

Lol if larry wishes come true he should as for a puppy and the puppy would keep attacking Manny that be funny like out of no where in a strip the puppy would attack!

13 | 2phast says:

you guys love it?we'll post the next one soon!

14 | The REAL 2phast says:

While the above person did post a true statement, please refrain from using my name, when you are quite certianly not 2phast.

15 | mrsmiley says:

fake 2phast.please read the rules before commenting for impersonating a user is against the rules

16 | Sarah says:

this is a pretty cool website i wish halo 3 was like this everybody is so mean but this is cool see yall in halo 3

17 | Henry says:

really nice motion blur on the phantom

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