A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Exan says:

Wow, I didn't know you could do that kind of stuff. Very nice, I like the quote at the bottom.

2 | KGB says:


Very nice; a great quote and great emotion inspiring artwork!

3 | mrsmiley says:

well done, man. my brother is one of those men. he's over in afghanistan. i can't wait for him to come home!

4 | DenimDan312 says:

Excellent. It's rare to see people who still have respect for the soldiers that give their lives everyday to keep us all safe.

5 | CloudStrife says:

Haha i know exactly where that quote is from after trying to do Mile High on veteran for 8 hours. And very nice tribute, respect to you sir.

6 | ZZoMBiE13 says:

That's awesome man.

7 | jaymanxyz2 says:

*sniff* *sniff* So beautiful...

8 | Christina says:

Amazing art and wonderful quotes :) You did a great job with this episode. Keep it up!

9 | Eric says:

*stands at attention*
*tear rolls down cheek*

10 | NthroSptn says:

Beautiful, 2phast.

11 | Spartan IJS says:

2phast, this IS one of your best.
A good tribute; a great quote--everything.

*21 gun salute for all our brothers and sisters*

12 | Terry says:

Nice quote. Love your work and your mention of the brave men and women in our armed forces, or anyone's of that matter.

13 | Col. Overkill says:

Not to ruin the moment but doesnt the cloud on the right look like a face in some sort of distorted way.

14 | A(lex) Ha says:

so then perhaps the U.S. government should be drafted for purposes of combat?

15 | Unoraptormon the Forerunner says:

Thank you. My father was in the Army for over 20 years. I greatly appreciate this. Vetrans are NOT appreciated enough in this country.

16 | Spartan 089 says:

This Is Beautiful.

17 | IRULE003 says:

VERY good.

18 | m4stur ch33f says:

I r luvz t3h warr!!!1!

No, seriously. It takes guts to put this stuff out on the net - i was expecting a lot more ignorant fools to be like "wheres the funny stuff you jerk, soldiers get enough attention" etc, etc, etc. In an internet so full of hate, I salute you for having the balls to put a rememberance poem up, and I also salute the brave men overseas (well, at least those who aren't foaming at the mouth with roid-rage to kill some innocent iraqi children)

19 | YapYapTheGrunty says:

I am in awe with respect at your kindness

20 | [S]ally [R]ichards says:

Wow, Gavin, you are amazing!

21 | Master Cheap says:

...And how is that BR remaining upright? It can't have more than an inch of its barrel in the ground.

22 | the j man says:

man that is beautiful. And yet so true

23 | Andrew says:

man, that's awesome... *sniffles*

also, nice throwback to R:FoM

24 | Andrew says:

oh yeah, i forgot to say that my grandpa fought in WWII, and died 3 years ago of leukimia

AND, my uncle or cousin, or something like that drove one of the submersible landing crafts that landed onn Normandy

25 | Logan says:

~salute~ This goes out to all the soilders that have the time to read this. Thank you all this personly goes out to me, I was a CPL in the USMC. So thank you.

26 | Levina says:

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27 | Vincent says:

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28 | parky says:

typical Americans

29 | Diamanta says:

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