A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | mrsmiley says:

OMG LOL. f'ing brilliant!

2 | squeak116 says:

It needs a giant [L] plate. Other than that, superb.

3 | NthroSptn says:

Seconded on Squeak's comment.

4 | ZZoMBiE13 says:

Is it possible to barf laughter?
Thanks to you 2phast, I say yes. Yes it is.

5 | Kap2310 says:

Was the vehicle Larry crushed the Mach 5?

6 | jaymanxyz2 says:

Ha Ha! That's genius.


7 | Eric says:

rofl, oops...
remindes me of my bro
keep up the great comix 2phast

8 | Christina says:

Nice! Hopefully they use Geico.

9 | firehawk11D says:

Not a good sign when my drive test is comming up this week. Hillarious comic I hope I won't reenact.

10 | Spartan 089 says:

All You Hear Is A Massive Crunch Then Hear:
Good Job 2phast!

11 | BBJynne says:

pure win

12 | PlasmaFire says:

Maybe Larry should become a demolition derby driver instead. He got his first crunch with hardly any effort already!

13 | RayZR says:

Holy hell is that PlasmaFire I see?

Anyways, these are getting better and better, 2phast! Keep it up!

14 | Spartan IJS says:

LOL!!! Officer Parking--Larry's soooooo screwed!
Ya kinda wonder where Larry got one of THOSE too.
Very nice!

15 | Kalamor says:

Now thats what I call All Terran

16 | ODST Marine Serial #- C78 says:

Lol (Larry passes and is given a elephant as his main weapon and leaves massive destruction to the covenant vehicle depot in Vio lol)

17 | sithdude says:

if they only gave him a water gun, why did they let him drive an elephant?!
LOL, nice one 2phast

18 | Aye Mak Sicur says:

Is it true that in America you have to drive through a bunch of cones in your driving test? Cause that's dumb.

19 | 2phast says:

Really depends on which state. In Washington state, you're required to show parking skills in a parking lot, by using a set of cones. But then you have to navigate your way around the town, using the instructor's commands. No cones, other than the ones used for parallel parking (liability issues, etc).

20 | Aye Mak Sicur says:

That's bizarre. We use parking lots to practice parking.

21 | Will says:

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22 | Adan says:

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23 | Wapi says:

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