A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | TheComet says:

first post! because you forgot to link to this in the news post :O

2 | 2phast says:

Haha, you're right. Thanks man.

3 | RayZR says:

Is that a Forrest Gump reference I see thar? That's +20 win points for you.

Keep up with this "How it all began" series. It's lookin' better and better.

4 | NthroSptn says:

Sweet, we finally get to see what happened before the gang got together. Is that Manny in the first 'Seat taken.' slide?

5 | Kap2310 says:

I lol'ed

very good 2phast. I'd like to see the How it all began series continued

6 | Spartan IJS says:

This "How it all began" series IS getting good.

Ha! You're right, RayRZ. That is a Forrest Gump reference. I didn't compare the two until you said something.

Very nice job, 2phast!

7 | mrsmiley says:

oh man i LOLed big time. nice job with the art on this one. i like the longer strip!

8 | Eric says:

loved the Forrest ref.

to NthroSptn: I can see why you asked but I dont think it is

9 | 2phast says:

Manny's shows up next week guys ;)

10 | LOL says:


11 | oggespartan117 says:

Oh my god thats funny! The whole comic is a part of Forrest Gump man!

12 | uman says:

Hey, nice job, I translated the halobabies 92 --> 120 in french on halo.fr recently, and we think about translate those comic too, can you send me by mail the link where you find your font please ?

13 | Cheese says:

Look At Larry In The 5th Bit It's very saddening. TJ is nice. Manny Is A Big Bum.

14 | RedRaptor says:

As soon as I saw T.J. say "You can sit here," I started thinking "Oh god, here comes the shrimp stories..."

15 | ZZoMBiE13 says:

I love the look of your comic 2phast. It's greatness.

You rule. :)

16 | Kalamor says:


17 | QuickRick92 says:

I felt sorry for him in the 5th panel. But man that was a good one. Nice job man

18 | Merc501st says:

Funny that I'm watching Forrest Gump in school today. Keep up the work!

19 | Red0914 says:

Great job on this one, 2Phast. I LOL'ed.

20 | jaymanxyz2 says:

LOL. Forrest Gump FTW. Nice comic.

21 | sithdude says:

you can cook it, boil it, bake it, broil it...

22 | firehawk11D says:

Forest Gump! Classic! X)

23 | Unoraptormon the Forerunner says:

I enjoy the fact that it appears that you use Forest Gump as a reference. It's absolutely beautiful.

24 | kill joy!! says:

chain broken!!!!

25 | Pole says:

Don't waste yourself in rejection, nor bark against the bad, but chant the beauty of the good.

26 | Pole says:

Don't waste yourself in rejection, nor bark against the bad, but chant the beauty of the good.

27 | Marsala says:

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28 | Ahren says:

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29 | Aliza says:

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