A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | A very annoyed guy says:

Seriously! Try driving that in First person!
Great comic!
1st post!

2 | Maosteve says:

Honestly, I think Larry is just really really small. :D

3 | polar says:

well, the brutes didn't design Choppers with little skinny Marines in mind, now did they? He can always get a periscope..lol..

4 | The Arbiter's Cat says:

There's a small gap between the wheels. That may be how, if you aren't as big as a brute.

5 | The Larry the Marine Fan says:

This is awsome!!!! By the way 2phast, could u merge with A.H.C.S( Another halo comic strip)? You 2 would make the best comics together.

6 | 2phast says:

Me and Zzombie13 have done a collaboration before, and are still open to doing more. AHCS is an affiliate of HBN/LTM, and I can certianly see us collaborating on future things. Hang tight guys, you may just be pleasently surprised in the future ;)

7 | Joe says:

well, technically, the Brutes didn't design them.. the Engineers did, and they DID design them for humans.. ;)

oooh, you feel that NerdGasm...

8 | ZZoMBiE13 says:

That's really funny. Great work as always 2phast.

9 | Arbiter419 says:

It's like taxiing a Corsair...


Great strip.

10 | mrsmiley says:

So THAT'S why you don't drive in first person...

11 | The Loot says:

Actually, like the Ghost, there's that little screen that shows a view similar to the unzoomed Sniper scope.... sorry if that broke the comic! Bungie's got that attention to detail.

12 | Arsv 'Ggousee says:

Even if i'm know about that screen it must be annoying to drive a veichle with the engine and weels in front of your face :)

13 | Blake says:

Lol, makes you wonder how the Chief can see.

14 | Rory Skerritt says:

Rofl. Like The Banshee, theres nothing to see out of. XD Good Job!

15 | Spartan IJS says:

Ha, ha! Ya know, I've never really thought of that. Very nice.

16 | Shin! says:


17 | Zane_4321 says:

y does bungie do that there r like 4000000000 vehicles u cant see out of

18 | Chalice says:

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;-) Thanks in advance. Chalice.

19 | Cassandra says:

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