A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Shay says:

Hahaha! well done... I'm completely with Manny on this one... I mean.. no one REALLY wants to see that...

I love the title too 2Phast... and I only saw it after looking at the comic.. and that's pretty much what I was thinking XD

2 | Rory Skerritt says:

LOL larry got drunk did he not? anyway, very very funny XD. i lovrd it.

3 | TRIN says:

Ahah! Larry's drunk!
Nice job again, 2phast.

4 | mrsmiley says:

OH LAWDY!!! the title of this is classic, as in nudy larry!

5 | grant says:

Nice. Seen alot of people like that. And... got the flag wrong... yeah...

6 | Ace says:

If you actually looked up a picture of the Irish flag you would see that it's correct.

7 | Aeronot says:

Ha ha, way to go Larry!

8 | Firestoem says:

oh dear god *hides eyes* /).(\

funneh! x3

9 | Polar says:

Oh yeah they call him the streeaaak! Larry is just like certain staffers...won't say which ones..;)

10 | mrsmiley says:

haha and i totally know who...

11 | sithdude says:

so who is coming with me to go paint saddy? Anyone?

12 | Bonelord says:

um... No, the flag is wrong, that's the Italian flag, last colour should be orange.

13 | 2phast says:

The flag is correct. Green, white, orange. That's the order. Green for the Catholics in the North, Orange for the Protestants in the South, and the white to represent to eventual peace between them. I did my research folks. Trust me on this one.

14 | Firebug says:

I think what he's saying is that the orange in the flag looks very red...


15 | Tolos 'Vurukamee says:

By the rings! That's something I didn't need to see....

Funny though!

16 | Arsv 'Ggousee says:

By the Gods! Prepare for nude Larry!

17 | Col. Overkill says:

The Flag is supposed to be Green White and Orange not Green White and Red bcoz that would make it Italy. Trust me I'm Irish

18 | hi says:

lol paint saddys

19 | WTF says:

ahhh my eyes im blind oh god why 2phast why

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22 | Sutton says:

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