A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Araelop says:


2 | John Kenyon says:


3 | Jake the Tank says:


4 | oggespartan117 says:

I'm missing a word... Oh, now i remember:ROFLMAO!

5 | rolly says:

Hahaha! Best one to date xDxDxD

6 | mrsmiley says:

i agree with the rest, that was definitely an awesome strip!

7 | Rory Skerritt says:

Couldnt Get Better! That Was The Sex That Was. It Was AWESOME!

8 | sum_gi says:

They get better everytime.

9 | Kreed says:

That...was...perfect :D

10 | AeonReclaimer says:

Tank beats Ghost...
Tank beats Wraith...
Tank beats EVERYTHING!
*Drives off cliff...*
I take that back...

11 | nthrosptn says:

Ah very nice indeed there 2phast, I'm really loving these punchlines.

12 | Loknar64 says:

Hey, do you think you could stop putting punchline related details in the news posts? Because those have been ruining the jokes for me.

13 | Hebephrene says:

That srsly made me laugh out loud which is ALOT for most comics i read, awesome job!

14 | onyx spartan says:

Nice! That was your Science lesson for the day kids.

15 | Aeronot says:

This is so far one of my favorite LTM comics.

Too bad tank can't beat everything...

16 | sithdude says:

the theory used to be "what goes up, must come down"

Now the theory is "what is driven by larry, must come crashing down"

17 | kraid17 says:

hell cant even open it...wam!...oh hell never mind

18 | kraid17 says:

oh i get it now!the popup blocker was on!um...

tank beats marine
tank beats elite...
phantome beats tank
pelican dents tank
cliff slaughters,destroys,eradicates,and..... smokes tank!

19 | Tank beats ghost, tank beats hunter, tank beats ... says:

Tank beats...
AA wraith

Tank beat-EN by...
plasma pistol
spartan laser
worst of all....

verdict: tank= not invincible. sorry larry

20 | dachiakia says:

theory now:anything involving larry must fail,everything driven by larry must explode,anything done by larry,is done wrong.

21 | mavrick145 says:

stfu, i got that it was funny but just be quiet about it!

22 | mavrick145 says:

who the hell is copying me?!?!

23 | Zane_4321 says:

Darn u gravity!!!....(crying) u killed tanky

24 | Adora says:

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26 | Neila says:

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