A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Cody says:



2 | John Kenyon. says:

Cody, cant you think of someing not so obvious? Like MAN BOOBIES!


3 | oggespartan117 says:

Third! Great comic.
The Covenant suspect nothing...

4 | NthroSptn says:

Manny will see 'nipples' and fall for that trap EASY.

5 | mrsmiley says:

what i'm wondering is how larry can hide behind a tiny mound of sand. he must have buried himself. smart.

6 | Kap2310 says:

this reminds me so much of those Road Runner-Wilie E. Coyote cartoons...just throwing that out there.

great comic 2Phast

7 | mak says:

since the chain was broken


but honestly did someone say nipples?

8 | AeonReclaimer says:

Ahh...Grunt's heaven. In the desert

9 | yayap says:

so thatswhere he humans droped it!

10 | sithdude says:

very funny 2phast
Looking foward to seeing if that works or not

11 | Dave! says:

Such a great picture.Wallpaper material.:D

12 | RedRaptor says:

"Hey, let's catch one and ride it!"

13 | Tolos 'Vurukamee says:

Utterly hilarious. This comic has made my day.
On a side note, this needs to be an official Larry The Marine T-Shirt.

14 | buttsock says:

this clomic is even funnyer than killing a grunt with grunt birthday skull on, well wait... mabey not that funny but you get the idea!

15 | [S]ally [R]ichards says:

WOW. That was funny! Hahaha. && this would be a killer LTM Tee!! ;D

16 | sum_gi says:

I haven't read many GOOD single frame comics in the longest time. Until NOW.


17 | Lord_Halo99 says:

Well at least Larry is trying something tried and true.

18 | kraid17 says:

what the hell?! what is he catching?a flood grunt?or a flood bug that annoys your shields in halo2?!

19 | irock says:

skittles rock and that was cool

20 | jaymanxyz2 says:

Nice "Boobie" Trap!


hehe Admiral Akbar

22 | *chainsaw* OH SHI-*gore* says:

for people who dont know sometimes grunts talk about food nipples which is their source of food not actual breasts unless you were being sarcastic

23 | Zane_4321 says:

im not gonna say anything.............

24 | Candice says:

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Thanks :P. Candice.

25 | Ravi says:

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With love 8-), Ravi.

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