A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Gerbil says:

the same goes for yellow shirts. =)

1st post FTW.

2 | Jake the Tank says:

Second. Doesnt he think it will get a little hot in that.

3 | Ivan says:

Does this have anything to do with his sexuality?

4 | Grunty giant says:

Silly 2phast. Carmine law dictates, if you wear a helmet YOU WILL DIE!

But besides that great comic.

5 | Loknar64 says:

What? It's called "Carmine Law" now? I thought "Enthusiastic Newbie" was always the name for the trope.

6 | Tolos 'Vurukamee says:

And Larry tests "Carmine Law" with a red sweater. (If you are not aware of Carmine Law, play Gears and you will understand.)

7 | Vaderfan929 says:

I dont think carmine law has much to do with gears, its just a shade of red.


8 | Grunty giant says:

Ok for all of you not getting the joke here it is.

Back during the old star trek if a landing party consisted of Kirk, Spock, Dr.McCoy and a Ensign in a red shirt, guess which one of them is going to die. That's right, Micky the Ensign. Carmine was also a character in Gears of War who was the first to die mainly because he wore a helmet and didn't have much of a character, sort of like and Ensign. So since Larry is wearing a Red Shirt, it is likley he is going to die. Plus Red was like, totally 3 seasons ago. Pshha!

9 | Turok says:

Poor ol' Larry.

10 | A very annoyed guy says:

Oh god the star trek refs aahh!!!
*head explodes* funny =)

11 | Some Guy says:

Lol That Was Good.

12 | polar says:

Except..unlike legions of Red Shirts, and Carmine...Larry can't die!
Which must really freak out the Brutes..

13 | NthroSptn says:

Sure, Larry can die. He just respawns 5 seconds later.

14 | Some Guy says:


15 | Turok (SGT Steeve) says:

Too bad Carmine was killed. He was a kewl dewd, especially in the trailers.
Long Live The Car Crash Hearts.

16 | Trigger happy says:

he looks like if covenant crips came he would get shoot so many times. and also what he needs is a bulls eye on him

17 | kraid17 says:

god that was boring

18 | Banshee 105 says:

Ah, it's a halobabies throwback.

19 | Anubis says:


20 | Spartan IJS says:

*Facepalm* :)

21 | Feral says:

"Too bad Carmine was killed. He was a kewl dewd"

yea and he was the only one smart enough to wear a helmet

22 | Zane_4321 says:

the ppl with helmets always die........

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