A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | NWolf says:

I want one of those T_T


2 | Mr K says:

Wait, hold on one freaking second.
Duel wield?

3 | A very annoyed guy says:

Hasta la vista baby?
Say hello to my little friend?

umm cant think of anymore lol

4 | RayZR says:

Perhaps a link somewhere to the original Happy Sunshine Cannon would let some of the newer members into the joke.

Was wondering when that was going to make an appearance in LTM. =P

5 | wat says:

i dont get it

6 | Lol says:

Do you feel lucky, punk?

7 | 343winks says:

And it's only $9999.99.

I couldn't stop laughing at this comic.

8 | MinkOWar says:

I'm Confused :(

9 | Lord'o'Grunts says:

(brute response to being shot by that)ahhh ohhh owww... blagh.

10 | Bob says:

Duel weilding those?...yikes, that'd be pretty intimidating...

11 | Lord_Halo99 says:

OMG! The Happy Sunshine Cannon. Our old inside joke has become a reality.

12 | Jake_the_Tank says:

To bad you can't have that in Halo 3

13 | pyro says:

dude.....that would be so freakin' awesome to have!! As for dual-wielding.....i think the person would fall over.

14 | oggespartan117 says:

CODE-named Happy sunshine cannon?Lmao

15 | Anonymous says:

Dual weildable xD

16 | Rhonda Kirk says:

um this seems funny at the part when he shot the brute

17 | Cheese says:

How Is THAT Duel Weildable?

18 | Ruklo says:

Strike 3, you fail. Though this may satisfy the simpletons, I still find it boring and uninspired. It's almost like you make these up five minutes before they're posted. Maybe more time would help?

19 | sithdude says:

well ruklo, looks like the umpire needs to get his eye's checked, and maybe less rude comments would help

20 | mrsmiley says:

Ruklo actually gave some semi-constructive criticism, sithdude. man i didn't think this series would have fanboys so soon! ;)

and for those that don't think this is funny, it's probably because it's actually an inside joke. why do an inside joke? cuz he can haha

21 | triggerhappy says:

can i be enlighten on the joke that im missing lol

22 | buttsock says:


oops there goes sarge!!!,

I'm pretty mutch a noob in upgraded armor and rank if you didnt notice!

23 | MachineDog says:


24 | trigger happy says:

why he looks like when I first started just like a newb. But he looks more newbish

25 | Kalamor says:

Sarge from Red vs Blue needs one of those lol

26 | Zane_4321 says:

u guyz rock at this,good job!

27 | Hilary says:

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28 | Chantal says:

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29 | Jedrek says:

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