A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Araelop says:

First Woot! Woot woot woot!
I like the comic. I want to do that!

2 | Some dude who likes CoD4 says:

Manny's expression is priceless lol Second!

3 | Mr K says:

Its random things like that that make this comic funny
Keep reaching for a plot, but keep the occasional sprinkaling of random for extra laughs

4 | Gojira says:


Forge lol...

5 | Smurfa says:

Manny's expression: w00t! Hahaha, I love it. Keep it up.

6 | Ruklo says:

Still completely unfunny. Try again later.

7 | Shay says:

Pfft.. COMPLETELY unfunny?

You gotta be at least slightly amused by Manny's expression if nothing else...

8 | NthroSptn says:

We should do that in Forge.. can you even set live trip mines as Spark?

9 | Jake_the_Tank says:

HI-LARIOUS, the look on Manny's face, was absolutely "BAMBOOZLED"

10 | Red0914 says:


If all marines in Halo 3 could turn into sparks, I might not have to babysit them all.

11 | triggerhappy says:

wow i just started looking at these today there great its nice to have some laughs once in a while really should continue part 5 lol these are priceless

12 | RayZR says:

Ruklo, 2phast is still relatively new to posting a weekly updated webcomic.

Give him some time.

If you're going to criticize, at least give him some pointers here or on the forum. =)

Love Manny's expression in the last two slides, 2phast!

13 | sithdude says:

im proud of you 2phast, you can still make people laugh without cursing or making vulgare(or however you say that) jokes. very funny, looking foward to new comics!

14 | pyro says:

don't quite get, but LOVED Manny's face! and I agree with sithdude about the making people laugh without cursing and usage of vulgar words. I thought I already got onto Ruklo about the fact that if you don't like then don't read....personally I think you find this to be the most awesome Halo related comic. keep it up 2phast!

15 | oggespartan117 says:

Some dude who likes Cod4 is right,Mannys face is priceless!

16 | Cheese says:

Manny's Face Was A Picture. XD

17 | sum_gi says:

Jesus Christ, I do believe I have peed myself.

Manny's expression, lolz.

18 | Spartan IJS says:

This one is so freakin' hilarious! I love the look on Manny's face!

19 | Your brain says:

Haha...lol. Larry the Marine/Moniter ftw!

20 | Zane_4321 says:


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