A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | RayZR says:

I actually prefer this to the storyline you tried to make initially, 2phast. It really brings us back to the good ole' days when Grunstbane would pop by with a random comic that doesn't necessarily connect with its predecessor, then leave us to giggle with glee and shout: "FIRST"

Also, FIRST, dammit! Woo.

Great job, 2phast!

2 | John Kenyon. says:

OMG! Yay! A new comic today! Yay!


3 | pyro says:

OMG!!!!!! I love!!!! I'm been thinking about doing this type of comic, about marines and their life in the war. For quite some time actually. I only have three....O.o....woah. Maybe you could give me some tips ;p Keep postin'!

4 | Caboose0 says:

So funny. Keep it up 2phast!

5 | NthroSptn says:

I love the expression in the drill Sgt.'s face lol.

When are these updated, I wanna be able to yell 'FIRST' or "IN BEFORE HBN" at least once.

6 | Michael Archer says:

Poor Larry.....

7 | mrsmiley says:

to NthroSptn: i believe we're shooting for mondays

8 | DemonSpawn says:

That's your funniest one yet, 2phast. :D

9 | onyx spartan says:

Nice! Can't wait for more 2phast

10 | Senatar says:

I tried that in High School but it never worked...stupid parents.

11 | sithdude says:

this is my first time on this website and im already falling to the ground in laughter. Keep it up 2phast

12 | firehawk11D says:

I wish i had that allergy! Laghing my lungs out over here! :D

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