A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | arbiter 5000 says:

lauth out loud funny.
oh and i get a first comment for once.

2 | NWolf says:

Ummm sure, it's okay to cross now...just....run

3 | Elite Commander says:

Awosome nice comic!

3rd post yeah.

4 | Phil says:

Sorry to be so blunt, but these comics are lame. The drawings are ok, but the jokes aren't funny!

5 | [S]ally [R]ichards says:

Well, sorry to burst your bubble.. I love the jokes, so you can just stop reading. D;

6 | Mr_Black says:

Great Googley Moogley? I expected more of something like Cussing ur head off considering its a marine.

7 | cheese says:


8 | oggespartan117 says:

Uh, is it too late to say "no"? lol

9 | oggespartan117 says:

Uh, is it too late to say "no"? lol

10 | Anonymous says:

Not wrking

11 | point out lad says:

way to steal great googly moogly from a kids TV show. Maggy and the ferosious beast to be exact. MAKE some real jokes instead of stealing them.

12 | commander911 says:

oh, looks like they are in deep trouble. The scarab is a BIG BIG problem. Better get some cover.

13 | Kenelm says:

Hi, nice site! Keep up the good work!.
I am from Islands and now teach English, tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "After evaluating the time at a data, entrants discourage to the retailers."

Waiting for a reply 8-), Kenelm.

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