A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | TheComet says:

2 | sbear says:

just so you guys know, the archive doesn't work and you can't access Prologue parts 1 and 2 unless you go via the comments page.

3 | mrsmiley says:

thanks, sbear! it's been fixed.

4 | digipatd says:

Try replacing "hhttp" with "http".

5 | Spartan IJS says:

Hey, nice strip. But I can't access prologue 3. I think it looks like an "hhttp" thing again.
Thanks for your time!

6 | mrsmiley says:

i thought 2phast fixed that! naughty boy. it works now.

7 | imspartacus says:

i cant scroll prologue 3 down. is it supposed to end with half of the 'oh hold on' row of panels not showing?

8 | orcha says:

ya i can't scroll down either

9 | haltclere says:

just copy and paste the URL to a regular internet page and then you can scroll down

10 | mrsmiley says:

geez is this the cursed strip or something!? it's fixed now. thanks for the heads up guys.

11 | [S]ally [R]ichards says:

Wow. This is so awesome. ;D

12 | Ithel says:

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With best wishes :), Ithel.

13 | Samara says:

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Waiting for a reply :-D, Samara.

14 | Addie says:

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Thank you very much :P. Addie.

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