A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Nemesis says:

First post!!! Woohoo!!!

2 | NWolf says:

I'm with him on this one, I'd be stuck on one for days

3 | [S]ally [R]ichards says:

Haha. It'd be funny if I got stuck, but I'm usually pretty good at those. Including Sudoku.

4 | oggespartan117 says:

F**king hate those crosswords

5 | Your brain says:

They should use my lolsword! This is my lolsword:

. . lol
. . lol

It's shiny.

6 | Your brain forgot to says:

It also functions as a pen and it can talk!!!

7 | i say says:

larry is a sad failure

8 | i say says:

larry is a sad failure

9 | Christina says:

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10 | Pete says:

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Thanks 8). Pete.

11 | Doreen says:

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